November 17, 2010

I have a new post, I really do

I am trying to figure out why my post from yesterday, "Comfort and Joy at the Christmas Faire" has not turned up on any dashboards as far as I can tell, not even mine (where I included it to make sure it works).  I've decided it is because I reposted it by merely changing the posting date on the bottom and adding on to the original post with a bit of a preamble.  So, I hope my friends will read my new post, and in an effort to entice you, I will post the photo that goes with it.  Cheers! And thanks for reading.


  1. Okay, is this where you live? I guess I will have to go read your phantom post to find out. I think I read bits of it last year. But, I won't remember how it ends or anything. I'm good like that. I am the same way with movies and re-runs.

  2. The photo is indeed enticing and I loved the post -- I was all ready to comment when what did I spy? My comment from last year! Meaning I had no memory of writing I guess I'm like Tracey (and I'm a fan of her blog too, so that explains some things). ...Pauline's Faire sounds magical. And I can't wait to read about it again next year : )

  3. I absolutely LOVE that photograph - it reminds me so much of Christmas with all the sparkly lights and the trees on the hills in the background - GORGEOUS!!!!


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