October 1, 2014

Walk of Ages

The waning year and I were both feeling our ages
so we took a walk together along the lakeshore

The clouds were heavy with moisture 
 The lake reflected the grey above it

We walked the path toward the hot springs source
in search of the fountain of youth

The trees reminded us with age comes dignity, wisdom and sheltering kindness
 beauty often forgotten in this shiny, hungry, forward leaping world

A pair of cyclists rode past us
none too young themselves, but active

Wildflowers grew among the thorny blackberry
trumpeting out messages of eternal hope and sweetness

A winding waterway, still and placid
fed the lake in a constant, quiet way
lilypads and insects giving life to its surface

Snowberries glowed pearly white in the forest gloom
heavy bunches of perfect orbs bending their fine and supple twigs 
into arcs reaching for rest on the ground

Tipped with autumn red and orange
green leaves waved goodbye in the breeze

A trio of ducks followed the shore 
keeping another woman's retriever and me at bay

The fountain of youth needed a paint job
but her water was promising and sent up clouds of steam into the cool air

Returning, I took the narrower, treelined path. 
Like the trees I leaned toward the water and the light

Rosehips glowed like little round coals in the fire
Tougher and brighter than the roses of summer
they would feed the birds in the cold days to come

The year and I having made our peace with time together
I took myself out for a birthday lunch and went home for a nap

Many thanks to my daughter, Emma, who designed my new blog header. I was ready for something different, and she was eager to use her digital design skills newly aquired at college. 


  1. I like your fresh new pared back look! Happy Birthday wishes to you too.

    1. I'm glad to hear it. I like it, too. Thank you for the wishes, as well. xo

  2. Very pleasant walk. Thanks for taking us along. I like the blog header too, very fitting. (My oldest did mine).

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed coming along, although the walking was slow due to all the picture taking. Our kids do come in handy :)

  3. i love the new header....your blog is very clean...i like that in a webpage....and the walk sounds quite wonderful as well...so you found the fountain of youth...you need to bottle a bit and send it on...smiles....hope you had a great birthday.

    1. I feel a bit like I've cleaned out the cobwebs with this new clean look. It took some getting used to but now I love it.
      The fountain of youth..I left it alone ;)

  4. Such heartfelt depth in your words that describe these beautiful pictures.

    I like the header, too. Good job, Emma!

    Nothing like a good meal and a good nap. Happy Belated Birthday! Wishing you many, many more.


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