October 20, 2014

Autumn Mists and Apples

'Tis the time of year for reflecting on 
the 10 months past, 
their fullness realized
in the turning leaves
 and rising mists from empty fields.
The harvest was good this year.

The view behind our house

I have made so much applesauce 
apple crisp and apple muffins.
A friend shared her bumper crop.
She had more than she could ever use.
Her children are flying the coop
 like mine are.

The grocery bill is shrinking
but my freezer is full.

Is there any thing more perfect than an apple? 

These ones are Macintosh.
They've just been washed.
Now they will be sauced.

For your listening pleasure, a newer take on an old standard,
'Autumn Leaves'


  1. What a beautiful rendition of one of my very favourite songs! When I look at other people's photographs, in my mind I am looking at the world through someone else's eyes and it wakes me up, sometimes just a little bit and sometimes like a slap upside the head. Thank you for your beautiful words and pictures and for sharing your view of the world, Rebecca. I'm finding the words hard to come by these days but your blogs always get my mind going just a little bit more. Thanks for that as well.

    1. I just discovered the song today. I mean, I've heard the song many times but not his version.
      I hope my photos did not give you a slap ;-)
      Words come more easily at some times than others, I find. Glad to help jostle the muse a bit!
      Thanks so much for the comments. Have a good day!

  2. Lovely post! I love the view from your house - I have a similar one & love it. Macintoshes are sooooooooooooo good!! :D

    Michelle K. :)

  3. Loved this. Even though it made me a little sad.

  4. Beautiful photos. I miss you guys! And all your apple related baking.

    1. We miss you, too! We'll bring you something yummy next time we come.

  5. def tis the season of the apple...i just had a nice fresh one on the way home...you are like the third person i read today that was apple saucing...i need to get with the program...smiles...mmm i want a skillet pie of apples...mm.....

    1. Skillet pie? Is that like a tarte tatin? I tried to make one once. It didn't turn out so well.


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