October 31, 2014

Halloween Then and Now

One Halloween at the end of the last century of the last millenium
my friend Barb and I joined our families together 
for a fun night of trick or treats.

A paleontologist, an alien and a cat (?)
went door to door 
with a knight, a wizard and a fairy princess.

When we walked down the main street of Courtenay
people kept saying, "Great costume, Dumbledore!"
"I'm just a wizard," was lost in the cotton ball beard.
Fairy princess and cat (?) grew tired.

After bags and buckets were filled
with sweets for the sweet
we gathered in Barb's street 
for the neighbourhood potato gun blasting of pumpkins.

Fireworks popped and cracked nearby
but the potato gun's blast and shatter thrilled the kids
to no end.
The parents didn't exactly stand back 
and keep their hands in their pockets either.

The knight, the wizard and the fairy princess
were followed by another a few years later.
I don't remember what she dressed up as for her first Halloween. 

This year that little sister is thirteen
and uninterested in going door-to-door calling out 'trick or treat!'
She did go to school dressed in costume today.

She and her friend will hand out treats at our door tonight.
The knight, the wizard and the fairy princess grew up and
are all away at work and college, so the mime must take over Halloween duties.

"I'm looking forward to seeing all the cute little kids," she says.

"I miss the knight, the wizard and the little fairy princess (who was
a fairy princess three years in a row)" I say.

But, I am very glad to have a mime around the house.

Happy Halloween! 


  1. Monica here. Nice post. I wrote about Halloween for my column in today's paper too. Katie looks awesome. I hope she had a great day.

    1. It's good to have a common theme...she is still in costume tonight. I hope moving is going well!

  2. having a mime around keeps it pretty quiet...ha...
    you know, we are not allowed to wear costumes in our school...
    nothing that covers the full face either....its for safety....

    halloween has changed much since i was a kid...
    there are kids that ask for money...not candy...ha...well
    it is candy i give...

    1. This mime is not normally quiet so it is a funny costume for her :) It's sad that school in America has become so institutionalized. I am sure you and many other teachers provide the kids with a more hopeful way of looking at the world.
      Kids ask for money on Halloween? Sacrilege...unless it's for Unicef.

  3. I didn't even have a pumpkin in the window this year. I enjoyed your story. You do Halloween so well over there and your mime artist really looks the part.

    1. We had fun putting together the costume. Despite the rain we did get a steady stream of children at the door. Halloween has always been a big thing here. I think due in part to the American Sleepy Hollow legend/story.
      I thought of my British friends when I saw this sketch :-)


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