February 7, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Jen at Starting Over and the deal is I have to answer 12 personal questions. The thing is, I'm not sure anyone is all that interested. If they are, here is the list. It is only worth reading once:

8 shows I like to watch:
I really don't watch a lot of t.v. but when I do sit down with that rare control of the remote:

Inspector Morse reruns
Midsomer Murders
Poirot and/or Miss Marple
Documentaries (just watched a fascinating one called 'Hyper Parents/Coddled Kids')
Wheel of Fortune (love solving those word puzzles)
CBC news, especially the weather (yes, I'm Canadian)
Rick Mercer Report (Canada's answer to Jon Stewart)
This Hour has 22 Minutes (more Canadian satire)

8 Favourite places to eat and drink:

Heritage Coffee House
The Copper Room (dinner and dancing)
The Lakeside
The Water Street Cafe
Main Street Diner
Victory Fish and Chips
Wildcat Grill

8 things I look forward to:

My morning coffee
Sleeping in
The first flowers of spring
Visits with family and friends
Husband's holidays from work, especially when it happens to be a school day
Mondays (kids back in school and blissful quiet at home)
Saturdays (kids off school and house full of life, music, and noise)

8 Things that happened yesterday:

I went grocery shopping
I made pizza and apple-rhubarb crisp
I went for a run with my husband
My son spent all day attending the Surrey jazz festival
My other son wrote an interesting creation myth for homework
My daughter spent the day at the stables wrangling miniature ponies
I read 'Never Shoot a Stampede Queen' in the bathtub (as usual)
I looked at all the stuff on the coffee table and didn't clean it up

8 things I love about winter:

Less yard work to do
Skiing when I can afford the time and expense
I do better in cold than in heat
Long hot baths in the evening
The Christmas season
Skating as a family
Making and eating soup

Things on my wish list:

A really nice tank top and capris for yoga
A digital camera (I have to keep borrowing my daughter's)
To move the 1 tonne piano upstairs (not going to happen)
Running a half-marathon
Those pesky aphids to leave my garden altogether
A greener thumb
To write another book
Children who grow up into happy, well-adjusted adults

8 Things I am passionate about:

My family
Writing and books
Food and healthy eating
Nature, especially places with water
Intelligent religion

8 Words and Phrases I have used most often:

Just give me a chance to sit here and drink my coffee, then I'll...
Wash your hands, there's a really bad flu going around.
Please put away your laundry.
Have you cleaned your room, yet?
How was your day?
Just call and let me know what you're doing.
Have you practised yet?
Good night sweetie, God bless. I love you.

8 Things I learned from the past:

Wash your hands often and clean your fingernails.
Never make a major decision when you are really, really up, really, really down, or really, really tired.
Sleep on it.
Eat a good breakfast every day.
Get outside, and get the kids outside as much as possible.
Even a 20 minute nap makes the rest of the day possible.
Just let husband watch the soccer game. He'll do the job later, and with more enthusiasm.

8 Places I would like to visit:

The U.K.
New York City
Prince Edward Island
The Dalmatian Coast
New Zealand

8 Things I want/need:

This was pretty much covered in my wish list except:

To figure out how to provide links on my blog (help?)
World Peace and an end to hunger

8 people I would like to tag:

Calamity, Kids and Other Stuff
bringing up charlie
Dust and Dreams
My Own Desiderata
AbodeOne Three
Dreamfarm Girl
uno,dos, tracey

Tagging is completely voluntary, so if you feel like participating, please do. If not, no sweat.


  1. One way to link is in the new post window of blogger. It is very cumbersome and I think there is another way to do it involving the greater and less than symbols in html.

  2. Yes, I will keep trying. I can do links using the new post window, but I can't seem to do it with a simple title (like other bloggers do) without providing the whole "http:/" thing. Thanks

  3. Not sure if you solved this yet, but html code is pretty easy. Start with the address of what you want to link to, e.g. http://lambschram.blogspot.com a/k/a [address]

    The way to make that a hyperlink is to enclose the address like this:

    < a href=" address ">Word Description< /a >

    except that you don't have any spaces except between the first "a" and the "h" in "href" and within the "word descriptor"

    To see how this works, here is your site:

    < a href=" http://lambschram.blogspot.com "> Rebecca's Letter's < /a >

    When we eliminate the spaces, it looks like this:

    Rebecca's Letter's

    I hope that helped.



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