January 4, 2010

Sharing the Wealth

I received something called 'The High Five Baton' over the weekend from Kate over at http://calamityandotherstuff.blogspot.com/ . She calls my blog 'peaceful and readable' and I can think of no better compliment. She had been handed the baton from a fellow blogger so I believe it is now my responsibility and pleasure to pass it on to another blogger or two.

Speaking of 'peaceful and readable' I would like to extend the 'High Five Baton' to my blogland friend in Austin, Texas, Barbara of http://dreamfarmgirl.blogspot.com/ , for her creative take on motherhood, marriage and being an artist, and to another American friend, Tracey of http://unodostracey.blogspot.com/ for her irrepressible sense of humour (and because she has yet to receive a well-deserved nod).

Now back to work on today's other post.


  1. I get a PLP when I try to open the links. But there is no problem opening both from the bookmarks. I think it is the extra http that is causing the problem.
    btw, Well deserved plaudit.

  2. Thank you Vince. It's the first time that I have provided a link on my blog, so I will try and fix whatever is happening there.

  3. Oh Yeah!!!! Something to write about tomorrow! Thank you Rebecca.

    I did a little back tracking to see how I am supposed to pass this on. It turns out, it is something called a meme. I have no idea what that means, but I think we are supposed to write about five highlights of '09. Check out the person who sent it to Kate. http://oldermumsarefun.blogspot.com/

    Consider this a pass back. Hee hee. I will pass forward tomorrow after I have narrowed down my top five highlights. And, I can't wait to see yours.

  4. Yes - I love Tracey too. Think I should have passed on the baton to five people, and she would have been the next one for me. All very confusing....

  5. I think it is funny that a baton was passed to this bunch of "rookies". :) And I am not sure how long a list of five highlights of 09 will be viable. I working on mine any way.

    And, thank you Kate.

  6. Thanks, Rebecca! I appreciate your kind words and am pleased that you enjoy my blog. I agree with your friend that your blog is peaceful and readable. Also, I will check out your other recommendations.

    Oh dear, now I have to think of my highlights!

  7. Thank you, Barbara! I should have passed the baton to AbodeOneThree, too but I will be voting for him for The Bloggies, so that is a pretty good endorsement I hope.


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