December 16, 2014

Happy Trails

One day this December we had a weather window 
in the middle of a wall of rain
V and I went Christmas shopping
but took an hour's break to walk on the Vedder River Trail
about a half hour's drive from our home

Some of our most beautiful days here 
come when the weather clears 
and we are left with open vistas
and gentle signs of life's ongoing abundance
and generosity to us mere mortals

Seeds cling in the wind and wait
for spring
They are winter's strange flowers
I love them for that

In late fall and winter 
leaves are stripped from the trees
but light shines between the bare branches
widening the view and revealing
the trees' graceful reaching limbs
casting long afternoon shadows on the trail

The trail is shared by walkers, cylists, dogs and horses
Wild rabbits and nervous birds hide in the camouflaging brush
Trail etiquette dictates all creatures yield to each other
keeping the peace and opening faces
to smile and greet all travellers on the trail 
no matter what their mode of transport

At the end of the hour the light waned
I took one last picture
of trees and river, shrubs and grasses
yielding to the twilight
in peace and harmony
striking a chord of joy and gratitude
in my heart

Though the year be dying
and the days be at their shortest
the sporadic gifts of light in December give hope
to all around
sustaining us 'til spring comes again


  1. Lovely open views when the leaf cover goes. You can walk amid majestic scenery.That plant looks like what we call Old Man's Beard - a clematis. What time does the sun set for you?

    1. Thanks so much for identifying the plant. I did wonder!
      The sun sets about 4:30 pm these days.

  2. Beautiful meditation on the beauty of this time of year. Thanks as always. Mom

  3. My sentiments exactly! Love the light at this time of year. Its rarity makes it that much more special. Lovely pictures. Lovely words. Lovely light. Thanks Rebecca!

    1. Yes re: the rarity. I love, too, how the crystal in my kitchen window makes rainbows this time of year because the sun is unfiltered through the walnut tree leaves.
      I am so glad you enjoyed it. I know you love this trail, too!


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