November 18, 2011

A Welcome Winterlude

Last week was this particular autumn's swan song. Raging against the cold nights, the leaves on the trees injected themselves with intense colour and the blue, blue sky and the snow-capped peaks made a contrasting backdrop for the sun-fired reds, yellows and oranges as they performed their dramatic finale.

Then came the mighty winds, the famous local blow-down-the-valley-tunnel winds. The leaves gave up their clinging ways and fell to the ground, creating colourful jigsaw carpets on lawns and sidewalks. Out came the rakes, the orange garden bags, and the kids in rubber boots and gloves. Out came the hot chocolate as a reward for their help and as a remedy against freezing wet fingers. Because of course, it had also rained.

Two days ago it tried to snow, but only managed some freezing pellets that melted on contact. Unfazed, Mother Nature dropped the temperature and last night, we had snow. Waking up to an inch of white covering fields, shrubs and rooftops, we all said, 'hurrah!' Snow is bright, snow is quiet, snow is much, much prettier than the shabby, sad grey-ness of cold weather rain.  

Now in the afternoon the sun is out and the streets are shining wet with the melt. Bear Mountain looks eager to shake out her frosted fur, and there is just enough snow left on the lawn for a cat, or a ten-year old daughter, to leave her prints in.


  1. nice...defintiely love the views...we have yet to get was threatened the other is so magical, i can not wait for when it finally your description in that opening paragraph

  2. Lovely photos. Esp the one inside

  3. Eloquent and poetic. A lovely read as the sun warms my back through the window behind me. Sunny winter-fall days are so crisp and beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

  4. Great photos... and words to go with them!

  5. Brian: Coming from you...that is a compliment indeed. Thanks.

    Vince: The one inside was taken in my favourite coffee shop.

    Roxanne: Thank-you! It was a treat of a day, wasn't it! And now the rain again...

    Abby: Thanks so much. Glad you liked them. My brother in law has been giving me some photography advice.

  6. Lovely pictures. I particularly like the moody window one. :)

  7. I can tell that you love nature and that you're proud of where you live...even if you "already" have snow! :)

  8. Thanks Tera...I like that one, too.

    Anita: You're right. I do love nature, but our snow is gone and we are back to the usual - rain.

  9. Love your photos! Such a big change in such a short time. We had some strong winds that finished off all the leaves, too.
    I really like your photo of the sun coming in the window. I can feel the warmth of the sun from this.


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