July 22, 2011

I'm Sending a Book to...

...the winner of my summer giveaway. My daughters put the names of the entries in a hat and pulled out...Brian Miller of Waystationone!

Brian, you will find my email link on my profile page, so you can send me your mailing address. Congratulations! I think you'll really enjoy Antonia Banyard's novel Never Going Back.

Brian Miller is a super-talented, gritty, tender and prolific poet, so please check out his blog! His group, One Stop Poetry, recently won a Shorty Award for art. They travelled to New York City to attend the gala, but I think Brian became somewhat distracted from the accolades after his disarming tour of the ten floors of the NYC Macy's department store. Read his great poem about it here.

I will be writing a post soon. We've been getting ready to send our eldest off to Europe on Monday. Even though I am not going with him, I feel like I may as well be after all the mental/spiritual/physical preparations. I'll be living vicariously through him with him in spirit.



  1. yay! will send the email for sure...this is an awesome treat to walk in from work on...smiles.

  2. @ Proms Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.

  3. What a nice opportunity for your son!

    And don't feel bad about telling him exactly what to do and see while there. You earned that trip, I'm sure. :)

    EnJoy the book, Brian!

  4. How fun! Winning books is always a good thing.


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