April 28, 2011

Fifteen Seconds of Fame

After a day of welcoming visitors, answering questions, and relearning how to use a gas powered generator to run the coffeemaker at the annual Tulip Festival yesterday, my tired feet and I returned home and checked the neighbourhood mailbox, which is right outside our driveway.  Amongst the bills and gaudily coloured political party propoganda, of which we have received much as of late, it being the last week of the lead-up to the Federal election, was this unassuming little postcard: 

Today I Saw was one of the very first blogs I ever followed.  London, England's Jill Wignall, artist, craftsperson, and blogger was chosen as a Blog of Note just after I had started my blog, and I immediately subscribed after visiting her unique site.  Each day, Jill draws a pen drawing on a postcard of something she has seen of interest that day, photographs it and posts it on her blog with the name of the person she intends to send it to.  I regret that I have not been the most consistent follower of Jill's blog, although I love the concept and admire her creativity greatly.  I suppose most of us follow the blogs most consistently of people with whom we have made an online community.  As far as I know, Jill is not a reader of my blog, at least, she has never left a comment.  Needless to say, I was surprised and delighted to discover she had pulled my name out of the proverbial hat and sent me one of her whimsical postcards, sent on February 4th of this year.  I had not seen the post wherein she posted the above postcard and announced me as the recipient.  I immediately went to her blog and after scrolling through some lovely artwork and craft projects I found the three month old post: 

I laughed when I realized I had received Jill's 'Year of the Rabbit' themed postcard just in time for Easter another season of the bunny rabbit. I was also relieved to realize I had a subject for this week's post, as humble as it seems.  Working at the tulip festival makes for a busy few weeks every April, and I struggle to find time for blogging and reading my favourite blogs.

After supper, I sat down to watch the news on TV.  A reporter and cameraman from CTV News Vancouver had visited the Tulip Festival in the morning and I hoped to see the product of their hour of work on the fields, which are just starting to bloom in all their forty acres of rainbow-ribboned glory.  The story ran in the first fifteen minutes of the news program and to my surprise (and okay, a slight thrill,) I could be seen, for nearly a full second, welcoming a busload of visitors from Vancouver - although no one except me would have recognized that sideview of a woman standing in the crowd of tourists.  My friend Kate, whose festival it is, was actually interviewed for several minutes, so she got nearly five seconds of full facial airtime, while the tulips themselves earned the most focus - probably a full twenty seconds.  I am expecting a busy day at the fields tomorrow after all that promotion! 

It truly is a funny world.  Little surprises occur when I least expect them, and often when I need them the most.  I have been dragging my backside around these days, trying to keep up with everything there is to do. I am also recovering from the busyness of the Easter weekend followed by a late night spent attending a wonderful evening of music (including my eldest and friends) at the Ignite Youth Music Festival in Vancouver on Monday.  Who knew that a 4 X 6 handmade postcard with a Royal Mail stamp could give me such a lift?  So, today as I gear up for another day at the Tulip Festival I am thinking of Jill in her home in sunny London, surrounded by Royal Wedding mania, and wondering what she is thinking of it all.  I am also wishing her well, and saying 'thank you for the lovely postcard!' from my soggy corner of Canada.


  1. Those unexpected "gifts" can do a lot to cheer, brighten, and re-energize. What a wonderful surprise! Also congratulations on your brief moment in the spotlight. It must be wonderful to spend your day amongst those gorgeous blooms. I hope your weather is cooperating. I saw two cars, driving down from further up our hill, covered with snow this morning!

  2. what an awesome thing! life is indeed full of little surprises! =)

  3. Okay, that second picture is totally my Mother-n-law's back yard. Well, okay I would have to check to be sure about the orientation. But that is Mount Baker. Right?

    And, a funny coincidence, today, in my mail box, was a drawing from Betsy of My Five Men which she posted last Fall and so graciously agreed to mail to me. Now I have a Betsy original and I am just as tickled as you are about your adorable piece of art. (I'll post mine soon.)

    Glad all is well. Spring in full swing and all that.

  4. Diane: it is a great place to work, but the weather has been, shall we say, interesting? Today I was dressed like it was January and we had everything from warmish sun to hail. The snow line was very low on the mountains, too!

    E.P.: It's one of the things I enjoy most in life :)

    Tracey: Nope, not Mount Baker, but Mount Cheam which rises up on the South Side of the Freeway half way between Chilliwack and Hope. Mount Baker can be seen from Abbotsford, which is further west.
    And you got a nice mailbox surprise, too? Hooray! Happy Spring to you!

  5. What a delightful post. First the tulip festival pic and your charming hosting of the event...and then the post card. I pursued the link to enjoy her wonderful format.

  6. Ok - now I'll have to come and visit. Those tulips look amazing indeed. I'll book a flight! Only joking..... I guess. Now I want one of those postcards too.

  7. Paul: Jill's site is great, isn't it? Glad you pursued it!

    Kate: I'll be the one in the Tulips of the Valley vest and wellies :)

  8. thank good ness for hte small smiles and surprises along hte way when we need them...the tulips are beautiful this year...so have fun.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog via Waystation One! I really am enjoying the fact that I'm getting to "find" some other great blogs/bloggers out there. :)
    I like your blog a lot and will have to come back and visit again.

  10. Sometimes it is THOSE type of little surprised that sustain us! I will pop over and visit Jill's site! Cute postcard.

  11. Thank you so much for writing a wonderful post about recieving the postcard. When I imagine where my postcards are going and who they are being sent to I imagine all different lifestyles, but someone working in a tulip festival seems so perfectly fitting to me! : )


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