March 5, 2010

Long May You Run

Lately I have taken to making daily lists for myself just to try and keep all the aspects of my life together as I have a fear that I will forget to do something important.
I am writing fundraising letters and making contacts for the children's day I coordinate for our local summer festival of the arts, I'm having informal meetings with the woman for whom I work at her annual tulip festival and painting signs for her, and I am putting on a workshop with our local librarian next week. I'm also reminded every time I open a cupboard in my kitchen that it needs a thorough spring cleaning and pledging to get it done over spring break next week. At least the kids can help with that job.

In the middle of all this, as I was driving my daughter and her friend to play practise last Friday evening, our workhorse of a van died - for good this time - and we had to find a new one, and fast. Yesterday we brought home our new van and our girls named it within five minutes: Heidi the Honda. We have had names for all our vehicles, a fleet of trusty friends, which, when I think of them, hold so many memories of our growth and activity as a family. I was provoked to write a little ditty about all the cars we've owned. So sing along with me!

Betsy was a tercel, a twenty-somethings' car,

She drove us to the ski hills and over to the bar.

She took us to the Yukon on our honeymoon,

We sold her to a friend, but a moose took her too soon (the car, not the friend).

Subie was a white one, a hatchback full of kids,

I learned to drive her stick shift, and crashed her on the skids.

She conquered snow and traffic, was comfortable to drive,

If not for that truck with failing brakes, she might be still alive.

Ruby was the classy one, she cornered something sweet,

She treated us so well until we needed one more seat.

We were sad to see her go but, alas, we had to sell her,

We sold her to a long haired guy, I think his name was Allah.

Our van was christened 'Max', the biggest car we'd ever spied,

She gave us eight good years of fun before she up and died.

We filled her up with everything - skis and camping gear,

Our memories of her are good, she truly was a dear.

So now we'll add another to this list of good old friends,

That carry us along on this road with many bends.

Our new van is a Honda Odyssey, Heidi is her name,

We welcome her with gladness and hope she will remain.

I will try to catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend. Have a great one, and please share your stories about your own trusty vehicles.


  1. Do you really say 'stick-shift' rather than 'gear-stick' in Canada.
    And lol, I can see a VW or a Merc' being called Heidi, even a Volvo. But a Honda, she is a Haruka surely. Although, if she is yellow or white.......

  2. Cool. My first car was a tiny brown Mini which I had while I was at uni. My brown Mini and I were greatly in demand as few students had cars back in those good old days! She was bought with my hard-earned cash gained from working in the holidays as a parts van driver for a garage. I loved her and have never loved a car like that since...

  3. Vince: we actually say both stick-shift and gear-shift, but never gear-stick! My daughters certainly weren't thinking of appropriate nationalities when they named the Honda, I think they wanted an 'h' name just so the car would be monogrammed :)

    Kate: Those sound like fun times with the Mini. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We name our cars, too -- they become part of the family like a pet. I guess this practice is for those of us who keep cars for a long while. We have had Emmylou, a 94 Camry wagon named for her emerald green color (with a nod to a great singer). We've had Addie and Nattie (who was also known as the Peacemobile for her peace sticker on the back). Maybe the goofiest name was the Honky Blanco for our white Honda Accord. Now I have Winnie the Big Lablueski. Yeah, I know it's a little long. We got carried away with excitement over a brand new RAV 4. Have fun with Heidi!

  5. it's like they have the shining; they seem to always give up the ghost just when you need them most!
    ouch! you don't think they were all trying to tell you something do you?
    sing this with them; slow down, you move too to make the morning last just kickin down the cobblestone lookin for fun and feelin grooooooovy...

  6. Barbara: Great names! And you've had two that rhyme just like we did. I can understand the excitement over a brand new RAV 4 (and I loved The Big Lebowski)!

    E.P. Funny! But it's more like the cars have died or something just when we start to feel like we have a bit of extra money to play with. I will sing the Simon and Garfunkel song to Heidi for sure!

  7. Heidi the Honda - I love it! May she serve you well...

  8. My cars and I have a long history. I am currently driving a hand-me-down gold station wagon. I never thought I would see the day that I would love a gold station wagon so much. She has no name, but she is a she. Hmm. first car was a brown Ford Pinto my father bought for me for $300. He fixed it up as best he could (and he is good) but it had a back fire problem, earning it the name El Fartito.

    I haven't named a care since.

  9. No names for my vehicles - my kids haven't even named them.

    Be a good girl Heidi! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


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