September 3, 2009

Welcome to my brand new blog!

I think it is only fair to tell/warn you of what this blog is going to be about, so here goes...

I am a mother, so it will be about motherhood.
I am a wife, so it may include occasional musings on marriage and family.
I am a reader so it will be about books.
I love music so it will be about music and musicians.
I write so it will be about writing.
I am a part-time extrovert so it will be about social situations I've been in and how they sometimes go awry.
I am a runner so it will contain some thoughts on my progress or lack thereof.
I am a daughter so it will be about the truths my parents told me.
I am a Catholic so it will, no doubt, contain musings on that subject as well as expletives such as "Holy Mother of God!!!!"
Most of all, however, I am a storyteller who loves to laugh at life and its inconsistencies so it may at times be funny...God willing.


  1. I am so excited ... I love the sound of your writings!


  2. I think this will be a great blog. Rebecca is one of the smartest and most interesting people I have met!


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